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Dukung Rp 1,000,000

Apex Capital

Terbatas (sisa 5 dari 5)

Reserved for the biggest supporters out there. The top of the food chain.


Dukung Rp 10,000

Hero of the People

You just want to support. Go you. Amazing human being.


Dukung Rp 50,000

FOSS Champion

You want to support fellow FOSS developers slightly more, I will put a small pic (or monogram) of you in the README.md of all my future projects, and invite you to our private Discord server!


Dukung Rp 100,000

Maker Pal

How generous and considerate. Medium pic and a thank you note in the projects themselves, and project discussions in the Discord server


Dukung Rp 500,000

The Caretaker

O benevolent one, I shall pay it forward to the future developers. All of the above, large pic, and a private consulting time each month.